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Popcorn ceilings became popular during the ‘70s and ‘80s primarily because they conceal cracks, damage from leaking, and even shoddy drywall workmanship.

But the trend these days is removing popcorn ceilings. This isn’t just because they look so outdated – and, dare we say it, ugly. (Not to mention that they trap dust as effectively as they conceal damage.) It’s also because popcorn ceiling removal lets the homeowner eliminate asbestos insulation, install better lighting, and get rid of that fragile material which inevitably disintegrates over time. Oftentimes popcorn ceilings have become so old that they can no longer conceal damage, either!

Popcorn ceiling conversion can be a time-consuming process, as well as dirty and unsafe if you lack the proper tools and experience. If you would rather avoid such a headache and rest assured that your new, smooth ceiling will look like it belongs in the pages of an architecture magazine, then you need only reach out to Malkerson, Inc.!

Career drywall specialist, David Malkerson, and his team have already converted hundreds of popcorn ceilings throughout the greater Twin Cities area. Our total expertise in our industry represents the fastest, most affordable, and highest-quality ceiling conversion solution that Minnesota has to offer.

And our ceiling conversion services are not limited to popcorn ceilings! If you’re not content with the ceilings in your home or place of business for any reason, our mastery of drywall is all yours to engage. Our owner has perfected his craft since 1998, so we don’t even know the meaning of the phrase “shoddy drywall workmanship.”

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